Create a terrace according to Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson is a well-known American stylist, television reporter, author of many books on living, and above all a successful designer. For the past seven years, she has also written a blog on housing; stating among other things, that every person can have a beautiful home perfectly portraying their personality, regardless of budget. Although Emily is particularly interested in interior design, this article looks at the exterior of her house – at a charming terrace. Let her inspire you.

Emily is conquering the design world. Her blog is becoming more and more popular, with more than half a million people inspired by Instagram.

Emily chose simple and neutral pieces of furniture for her new terraces at minimal cost. Greater spending, on the other hand, is advised for items that serve the terraces for a long time and pays to invest in them, which undoubtedly includes outdoor floor coverings or tiles. Emily chose the tiles, but not just any tiles. Though it took three months for handmade tiles to get from Nicaragua to the US, as Emily says, it was worthwhile to wait. “I got myself behind the tiles because I can see them directly from the living room, the dining room and the kitchen, and I wanted something that would really please me, whenever I look in that direction, and that’s done.”


Emily likes to use the whole area, for example she, besides the classic sitting at the table, also used the empty corner of the terrace where she placed a bench. When Emily selected these pieces of furniture, she preferred comfort as well as classic designs that did not go out of fashion. “For me comfort is the priority. Gone are those days when I buy inconvenient pieces of furniture just because of their extravagant appearance. ”


Due to disarray and other items that children can throw down from the table, they bought a separate wooden dining cart that can be seen in the right-hand corner of the photo. Regarding greenery, she recommends buying some plants and trees that will be placed in stable concrete pots. Children will not tip them over so easy and will not trip over them.


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