Decore Ocra: a rusty beauty that won’t let you sleep

Close your eyes and immerse yourself in your dream-world and let time drift back with nostalgia to your youth, the days when you were very young and vibrant. No obstacles or conventions could hold back your ebullient spirit. The lightness of being is uplifting, isn´t it? That little bit of a free thinking Bohemian lurks in each of us, regardless of age, position or experience. Only the way in which we manifest our rebellion evolves. Through objects, people and experiences, which surround us today we create our world of tomorrow. Therefore we want these things to reflect our values. We inject them with an element of ourselves, hoping to create a personal identity recognizable from a distance without any introduction.

 Your home is a show-case of your rules and attitudes and at the same time a silent companion who understands you.

Opposites attract

The space to express the essence of your true self and values is called home. With In its embrace, your true inner beauty awakens.  

Decor Ocra reveals the deep secrets of the soul. Mysterious and gentle in its foresight, it caresses the interior with a feminine touch, without diminishing its masculine essence.   The male and female elements are in perfect harmony. Radiant copper tones strive to glow and stand out of stereotype, but the dark gray background endeavors to ground it.   They are in mutual harmony.     

The energizing shade of TechniStone ® Decore Ocra awakens the fiery power for every day.

Debauched modernism with a hint of the past

The Decore Ocra has a feel of the past looking into the future.  Every day it pines with hope that the sun’s rays may rest on its spotted   surface and bring to life a plethora of colors and shades that will bring the interior to life. Never ageing it seems to have lived with you for many years. It works perfectly with the environment in which you place it, but never disappears in it. It is great as kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity, wall tiles, and work surface, sill or conference tables. Engineered stone is the modern unifying element of the whole interior, which contributes the ever attractive appearance and practical features. It is favored in everyday use as well as for its durability and consistent appearance.     

Decore Ocra from Technistone - kitchen countertop and wall tiles

From the aroma freshly baked bread, to a green oasis of plants in the corner of the room, a Persian rug brought back from your travels, or the mysterious painting which is a flea market find, everything at home speaks the language that only you understand.  

Diehard rebel

Because even old love never dies, the beauty of the slab and your affection for it will never crumble. It looks fragile but has the strength and courage in her of a young girl who is now out one her own. In a world where you do not know what tomorrow will bring, It affirms the confidence of the beauty and grace you will never loose.  It’s love at first sight.  

If you have already fallen in love, you can read more about TechniStone ® here.