E-Stone: “Any Product We Make Has to Be Perfect”

One partner with whom we particularly enjoy cooperation is the Polish firm E-Stone, which was founded more than ten years ago. Despite its large size, E-Stone takes an individualized approach to the needs of each of its clients and every project is of equal importance to its business. The firm specifies only the highest quality materials, without which it couldn’t achieve its excellent results.

The Beginnings of a Successful Firm

E-Stone specializes in fabricating applications of natural and engineered stone, especially kitchen and bathroom countertops, fireplaces, stairways, and window sills. How did the firm get started?  “I was working in many different areas: customer service, measurement, and installation. For the first two years, I had just one employee. We had attracted a few loyal clients and the number of our retail customers began to grow month by month. Then I decided to buy some land and a warehouse, which I modified for the use of the business. At the same time, I bought a CNC saw and took on more employees. Since then, we’ve been growing even faster.”

Proven, Quality Materials

The choice of materials E-Stone furnishes to its customers is entirely fundamental to its business. “Without a doubt, our customers’ demand for stone conglomerates from Technistone is very strong, whether they are individuals visiting our showroom or the architects and kitchen design studios with whom we work. Nowadays the competition in the market is very intense, of course, and we give our customers a choice of materials from many different firms. But we only offer proven, quality materials, which is why we are happy to recommend Technistone’s products. I should add that the Technistone brand has also really grown in the last few years.”

E-Stone also sees a big advantage in the wide range of different colors and patterns Technistone offers, from which every customer can choose according to his or her preferences. “TechniStone® is strong, hard, non-absorbent, and durable. Very importantly, its pattern is uniform throughout the slab, so you not only see it on the surface of the material but also from the sides. That’s something that our customers don’t fail to notice. It’s very easy to clean and absorbs practically no stains at all, so it’s easy to maintain. The variety of applications is fantastic as well — TechniStone® is not only perfect for kitchen countertops, but also for wall coverings, interior stairs, tabletops, and coffee tables.”

That’s the Quality We Have to Demand

“Our customers are more particular these days and expect the highest-quality materials. Therefore, it’s important to offer our clients only proven materials so they will be well-satisfied with them and view them as an investment for the long term.” E-Stone isn’t afraid to use Technistone’s engineered stone in more unusual places, like bathtubs or tables. “We made a beautiful bathtub with an engraved decorative design using TechniStone® in the Bianco Carrara decor. I also remember making a big round table with a rounded base from Technistone’s Ambiente Light, as well as some floors with designs cut out with our CNC saw and a fireplace pieced together from more than a hundred parts. You can see a lot of our projects on our Instagram pages.” 

We also asked about popular TechniStone® designs that E-Stone customers often like to use in their interiors. What decors do clients choose most often from Techinstone’s wide selection? “Crystal Calacatta Silva, Crystal Absolute White, and Ambiente Light are always very popular. The new products Technistone is offering are attracting increasing interest from our customers, with Calacatta Serchio being the most popular one.”