Enduring value

People either spontaneously fall under the spell of industrial style or completely reject it. In reality though there is nothing to be scared of as it offers many solutions and is stylish at all times.

Wood, metal and stone handsomely complement concrete by enhancing and elevating the overall composition. Get to know the new, fresh color variations that give your interior an unforgettable touch of hip urban architecture with a touch of pure natural beauty.


Gobi Urban- timeless urban elegance.

It is urban, unpretentious, sophisticated. The fine-grained structure with white and translucent quartz fractions softens the grey mass of Gobi Urban. The even shading of the slab  will bring  light into every flawless modern home .The even shading of the slab will add a light touch to every modern home ensuring flawless design.



Noble Concrete Gray a gentle Noble soul reflecting rough building materials.

The trendy “clean” style of living requires materials in their purest raw beauty. Noble Concrete Gray was inspired by concrete, enriching the interior not only with a realistic appearance but also with practical properties.



Residente Dark -unmistakable true beauty at first touch.

Design inspired by industrialism with the hidden strength in this third millennium material. The distinctive combination of dust grey with dark shades in the color of cement and gravel creates a unique look and precise design.



Ambiente Light, a fine name yet hard as a rock

Velvet and the rough surface alternate, both in appearance and touch. Like feathers blown into a grey mass, stuck b amongst traces of raw materials at the base of hardened stone. Like the everyday beauty of a cityscape seen from behind a window where perfectionism has been trapped.