Guaranteed Ideas for Furnishing the Modern Living Room of Your Dreams

The living room is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of our homes, especially because it is so versatile and multifunctional. It fulfils a central function as the gathering place for friends and family, where we can relax, chat, and take it easy. Furnishing a modern living room should be approached carefully if you want to make it into the perfect space that will meet all your needs and let you feel comfortable.

Opening up the living room and the kitchen to each other creates an airy space and optically increases the size of the room. In the photo, you can see a combination of three TechniStone® engineered stone designs: Crystal Royal, Mystery White, and Noble Supreme White. 

Trends in Modern Living Rooms for 2023

Are you interested in knowing which trends are dominating the world of interior design and which ones it is better to avoid? Should you give priority to a conscious minimalism or go for simplicity with an eclectic mix of materials? We’ve focused mainly on timeless, elegant designs whose beauty will long endure. You can take inspiration from them whether you are undertaking a total reconstruction project or just doing a minor refurbishment. 

We’re not all that interested by fashionable designs that quickly grow old and lose their place in the design world by the end of the year. Rather, we offer you a number of ideas and tips inspired by global design trends that have real staying power. 

The Aesthetic and the Practical Sides of the Modern Living Room

Modern living rooms are characterized by simplicity, reliance on high-quality, durable, and minimalist furniture, their color scheme, and a large amount of open space. Very often, the living room is connected with another room of a home or apartment, most often the kitchen or dining room, but sometimes a library or hall. 

Modern Living Rooms Love Open Space 

There are several reasons why living rooms that open up to a kitchen or dining room have become so popular. Fewer walls means more room for moving around. Open spaces have a clean and airy look and moreover, you can keep an eye on things, which is ideal for families with children. If you want to create a little division between the rooms, it is a good idea to separate the kitchen from the living room with a fashionable island or bar. 

A Top Trend for Modern Living Rooms: An Open Ceiling

High, open ceilings have been a hot trend for the past few years. Depending on the layout of your home, you can cut through the ceiling and expose wooden beams, which unbelievably brightens and enlarges a room. That way you can create one large central area with a high ceiling, into which you can fit not only the living room, but also a kitchen and dining room. To say nothing of the perfect aesthetic impact of looking up at the clouds through a skylight. 

Only the Best in Lighting for a Modern Living Room 

Whether or not you have an open ceiling, the main source of light in many modern living rooms is usually natural daylight. That doesn’t mean that artificial lighting is unnecessary. You will appreciate it mainly in the winter, when we don’t get many rays of sunlight. You can add different kinds of standing lamps with adjustable heads, track lighting on the ceiling, backlighted mirrors, or LED spotlights.  

Rounded Shapes Truly Belong in a Modern Living Room 

If you aren’t someone who insists on sharp edges and geometric symmetry, we have good news for you! Curves have been on the upswing in recent years and the trend is still gaining steam. Modern interiors prioritize rounded shapes that create a feeling of undisturbed peace and comfort. Rounded lines look harmonious and balanced, whether they are on rounded sofas, round coffee tables, ottomans, mirrors, lamps and ceiling lights, or carpets.

Modern Living Rooms Are Saying Goodbye to Traditional Layouts 

The times when living rooms had a strictly defined layout and inevitably included a sofa and two chairs are long gone. Interior design is emphasizing unique pieces that make a room special. Do you want to put in a striking emerald-colored armchair, a dark blue velvet sofa, a leather-upholstered bench, or perhaps a bright-colored rug? Then go ahead and do it. However, stick to a single style and the muted colors that are characteristic of modern interiors. 

A Bit of Nature in a Modern Living Room

Nature plays an important role in a modern interior. Choose natural colors, accessories, and materials. Green is the color of life, peace, and harmony, so don’t hesitate to add a little green to your modern living room. House plants are of course good, but art or walls made with moss look heavenly and can be made to measure or ordered in different stock sizes. 

Inspiration for a Colorful Modern Living Room

Modern living rooms are characterized by their emphasis on practicality, but also their pleasant color schemes. If you’re wondering what colors to choose, we have some tips for you. 

Warm, Natural Colors Give a Modern Living Room a Cozy Atmosphere

Warm earth tones like olive or shades of grey and brown are a sure thing. They look great in combination with natural materials and other colors. Materials in neutral-colored tones evoke feeling of calm, security, and comfort in us. They create a homey warmth with a touch of nature as well. 

Beige and Cream Colors Should Not Be Missing from a Modern Living Room

Beige is a light grey color with yellow and brown notes. It exists in a wide range of shades in which everyone will find something they like. Beige is a popular color thanks to how easily it combines with other colors, but it also looks marvelous in a monotone beige interior with light and dark accessories.

A modern interior in which beige tones predominate looks clean and modern, but still welcoming. The designer coffee table and dining table are made from TechniStone® engineered stone in the Crystal Royal design. 

Dark Tones Are the Perfect Contrasting Elements in a Modern Living Room

Don’t be afraid to use dark colors. Dark blue, green, brown, black, and anthracite create the perfect contrast in an interior. A dark green or blue sofa set and dark metallic accessories, curtains, rugs and other decorative elements will all look great. 

Modern Living Rooms Love Neutral Colors 

Eternally beautiful white, sophisticated black, or multifunctional grey. These are exactly the colors you’ll find in modern minimalist interiors. You can easily combine them with other materials to emphasize the style that will prevail in the space. A predominance of black and grey in combination with wood and metal suits larger industrial lofts. Pure white and grey, paired with natural or white painted wood, conjure up a romantic northern atmosphere. If you have a spacious room with large windows, we recommend combining that trio with elements of glass. 

Engineered Stone as the Centerpiece of a Modern Living Room

We’ve been writing about the increasing popularity of engineered stone in kitchens and baths for some time now. It’s becoming a more and more popular material for modern living rooms as well. There, its beauty stands out, but so do its excellent technical qualities, which are different from those of natural stone. Grey, beige, and white decors are very popular. 

The Combination of Neutral Colors and Textures 

Don’t hesitate to combine different pieces made with different colors of engineered stone. The prominent veining in a white slab of Crystal Calacatta Silva is complemented beautifully by the elegance of Ambiente Light, the dark color of Residente Dark and the textured look of Taurus Terazzo Grey. A light-colored interior looks comfortable, luxurious, and modern.  


A Subtle Minimalism

This modern living room in a somewhat masculine style presents a minimalist combination of timeless black and the light Noble Arco TechniStone® design. Noble Arco is characterized by its interesting texture and fine veins. The interior is completed by a rustic armchair and a luxurious sofa with warm brown leather upholstery.  

Modernity in a Glamourous Style 

Engineered stone combines beautifully not only with natural materials, but also with glass and metal. If you choose the right lighting in the form of lamps, a modern chandelier, and spotlights, you will achieve a distinctive glamorous look that will be a real eye-catcher. In the photo, you can see the Metropole Nero, Gobi Urban and Noble Quarzite designs.

What will the interior of your ideal living room look like? Are you considering small changes or are you proposing something entirely new? Take inspiration from our gallery!