How about a small bathroom?

The bathroom is synonymous with relaxation and calm space after a busy day. You don’t have to give up your peace and quiet even if you have a bathroom of smaller size and you can relax in the shower. Whether you do a complete reconstruction or just some cosmetic touch-ups, check out the following tips on how to enlarge the bathroom… at least optically.


Tub or shower?
The first choice for small bathrooms is logically showers, but nowadays you don’t have to give up the tub. Atypical bath tubs of various shapes are available on the market. For example, a practical skewer will save a lot of space in your bathroom.



Preference is given to light colors
Bright and rich colors, such as orange, green and red, diminish the space optically, so avoid them when remodeling small bathrooms. The walls and the ceiling are ideal for painting, for example, a cool shade of blue, which optically enlarges and aerates the space.

The floor should follow In a similar color and style. A great selection of size formats and a wide variety of colors, tiles from the leading quartz manufacturer, Technistone, are sure to surprise. Technistone® floor tiles are resistant to high temperatures, mechanical and chemical damage, bacteria, and low -maintenance.

How about practical storage?

In the bathroom storage space is a must, ideal hanging rack for towels or built-in laundry baskets. Cabinets under the sink also save a lot of space.

The game with mirrorsIt is a well-known fact that mirrors optically increase the space. So do not be afraid to place a large mirror above the sink, the effect of which can be enhanced by spotlight, which can also be colored.

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