How should the kitchen look in 2019?

2019 is has is off with a bang, with design and interior trends exploding on to the scene. Today we will look at what kitchens will be “in” the year. Get inspired.

From glass to stone

The year 2019 will be marked by quality design materials and their mutual combinations. Each kitchen will feature a glass door, a mirror on the ceiling, and classic minimalist glass elements. The kitchen counter from durable quartz will be added with a copper sink or copper built – in oven. Copper can also wow as faucet.

Enjoy quality materials. Technistone® kitchen counters are highly resistant to both scratching and bacterial growth.

In tone of elegant colors

If you were looking forward to a glamorous coloring game, we’ll have to disappoint you. In 2019, the trend will be mainly black matt kitchens, which left behind those that are only white. The kitchen also features two-color kitchen sets.

The “tone in tone” connection turns every kitchen into an elegant room. What color combination will you choose?

Tiles, that you will never grow tired of.

Although the kitchen will be in subtle colors the following year, yet there is a trend that will enhance every minimalist kitchen – tile. Look for distinctive tiles with a variety of patterns, ideally Spanish or Moroccan

Spanish tiling is playful and neat. Moreover, it is not only suitable for the kitchen but also for the bathroom.

No upper cabinets

If you are already struggling in the kitchen with a lack of space, you might want to skip the next trend. It is especially suitable for larger kitchens. 2019 will dominate minimalism, and world designers have introduced the novelty: removing the top cabinets above the kitchen counter top. You can replace cabinets with both wooden and glass shelves that are definitely easier to maintain.

In the case of open shelves, watch what you put on it. Remember, this is more of a design complement than a storage space.

 Luxury Accessories

Modern kitchens should have at least one luxury and efficient appliance. For instance, the aforementioned brass fridge, designer stove or microwave oven.

Looks like the upcoming year for kitchen design will be of quality, luxury and minimalism.


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