Wine Glasses and flowers on the table

How to get a spooky house

Everyone struggles with some unsightly detail that seems to disrupt the otherwise perfect harmony. We are here to give you inspiration and courage to start fighting these four usual scarecrows effectively.


How to cover up the radiator

The radiator – one of the most common ghosts which terrifies a lot of housewives. If you are not building from scratch and you do not have the opportunity to conceal the heating and hide it in the floors, there is nothing left but to fight the exposed radiators themselves. Ribbed radiators have their own charm and have helped preserve the genius loci in many interiors. Don’t be afraid to make them stand out and paint them with a contrasting color. in a specialized store you will be advised on choosing a suitable coating, as not all of them will be suitable due to high temperatures.


Radiator in front of blue wall and sofa

Source: Farrow & Ball


Even a wooden cover can conjure up an aesthetic home accessory from the dreaded radiator. In a minimalist spirit for modern households or as a framed panel that resembles something more traditional.


Glasses and flowers on the table

The extended window sills will not only create a visually nice detail, but will also increase the storage space, for example for plants, which is evidenced by plenty of daylight. Made of stone, Technistone adds charm to the windows and is very practical.


Heating pipes are a nightmare, which sometimes stretch along the entire length of the room, other times they ruin rather nice corner. But the biggest secret in this case is not in the cover-up. The more you try, the more they will stand out. What is worse, a plasterboard covering or decoration all over the surface or the pipes themselves? Let them get lost in the same shade of color as the wall behind them. On the other hand, the vertical ones are sometimes helped by a slightly bolder color, which is repeated on another element in the room, such as solitaire or the dominant color of other accessories.


The re-incarnated kitchen

The kitchen is an eyesore. However, there is no need to embark on a major reconstruction impulsively.  Renovating a kitchen can be easier than it seems. If the cabinets still serve well, replacing their doors, even with plywood, and painting in a pleasant shade, can work wonders. Likewise, the new stone worktop with an impressive decor will subdue all other imperfections.


Technistone® quartz stone with with sink and faucet in the kitchen

Technistone offers a wide range of decors and designs. In combination with an interesting faucet, it can transform a kitchen counter beyond recognition.


Entering wonderland

Sometimes they remain as a remnant after a change of layout, other times they arise as an unwanted element in a shared apartment. How to cover an unused door is a question that puts the beetle in the head of all who root for nice and practical living at the same time. There are several answers. 

You can paint a simple door with a smooth surface with magnetic board paint and use it as an interactive notice board. Glued over with mirror foil will help to optically enlarge the space.


Library inside the door and chair, and picture on the wall

Glazed doors are already a bigger nut, it is often worthwhile to paint them rather than cover them completely and fill the resulting niche with a custom-made mirror or bookcase. The same is true even if their placement unfortunately is behind the sofa. The shelves can start just above the headrest and will still create enough space, where your favorite books will be right at hand.