I Want to Fulfill My Clients’ Dreams of a Beautiful Home, Says Jitka Kobzová

A successful and dedicated interior designer, Jitka Kobzová started gaining experience in the industry in Kuwait. In 2009, she decided to put down permanent roots in the Czech Republic and establish her studio, Ambience Design. Jitka told us how she perceives current trends and what makes her feel best in terms of design.

Mental Well-Being Depends on Interior Design

For Jitka, working as an interior designer is both a hobby and a delight. It’s very important to her to work with people who are passionate about their work. She draws inspiration everywhere around her. “I get it from everything I like: from art and architecture, from visits to restaurants, hotels, shops, and art galleries, and from my observations of everyday life. I get a lot when I travel, too, whether at home or abroad. And of course, I follow the work of designers and architects around the world.” 

She unwinds the most when she is on holiday. “I find travel is the best way for me to relax and clear my head. Otherwise, I’m happiest when I’m at home. I like to watch a good movie or TV show, but if I want to relax, I turn off the TV and radio and read. I also like people and places that fill me with positive energy.”

Minimalist, but Not Severe

Even though Jitka lived much of her life in Kuwait, where a completely different style of interior design is popular, she prefers minimalism and restraint. “I like clean lines and simplicity, as well as quality lighting and materials, neutral or muted colors, and sensitively chosen artwork. Just everything in moderation, and the more light, the better. I don’t like ostentatiously decorated interiors, too many live flowers and plants, but especially not a lot of extra stuff — although I’m sure you could find some in my house.”

Interior Design Is a Complex Thing

Interior design isn’t just about the aesthetic side of things. A space should be functional and practical; it’s the only way to make a room feel right. “The creation of a thoughtful layout is at the very beginning of the design process. That establishes the basic framework for every interior. The wiring and plumbing design follows, then locating the lighting, planning built-in furniture, and designing the kitchen with all the specifications. Only then do I move on to the aesthetic aspect of the interior, such as the choice of materials, furniture, color scheme, textiles, and decorations.” Jitka adds that interior design is all about finding a balance between function and aesthetics.

A Light-Colored Kitchen Is a Timeless Classic

Families spend much more time in the kitchen than they used to. That’s why more and more demands are being placed on designers. Everything depends on the individual needs of the client — like the right amount of storage space and the size of the work surface. How does Jitka see the current trends in kitchen design? “Light-colored kitchens are always a timeless classic. Bleached oak or walnut, in laminates and veneers, are popular decors. The choice of countertop can elevate the look of a kitchen significantly. The countertop gets the most use in a kitchen, so clients require a durable material with a long useful life. If finances allow, we most often recommend an engineered stone countertop.” Popular kitchen features include islands, drawers, cabinets without visible hardware, and oversized refrigerators. Kitchen lighting isn’t just for visibility; it adds to the atmosphere of the room.

Low Maintenance Engineered Stone from Technistone

Technistone’s engineered stone is particularly popular with the clients of Ambience Design because it requires almost no maintenance at all. They also appreciate its durability and scratch-resistance — unlike natural stone, acrylic, and wood. Jitka and her team of designers use TechniStone® most often for kitchen countertops and backsplashes and in bathrooms. What’s her favorite design? “I definitely have more than a few favorites, but if I had to pick one, it would be Crystal Calacatta Silva.