Industrial style – a love and hate relationship


Industrial aesthetics are the thing right now in interior design. The unconventional redesigning of spaces which were not originally intended for living is the main source of inspiration for contemporary interiors. It is more than just a trend but also the name of the new Technistone collection. The raw yet sophisticated look of these four decors is our interpretation of contemporary urban style.


Bohemian style meets engineered solutions

Old  factory halls and  former industrial spaces have been professionally redesigned into attractive luxury apartments. Today these living places are not just for artists but are coveted by families, students and young couples. At the same time, individual elements typical of this industrial style are also utilized in standard interiors. Flexibility and simplicity are key.


The atmosphere of SoHo in the 60s is taken on by contemporary design in lots of way and provides architects with limitless inspiration. People appreciate its novel look, which connects nostalgia for the old with new design elements, modernist pieces with one of a kind antique furniture, sober and bright colors.



The cosy and Incomplete

The industrial style is multifaceted and when sophisticated accessories are incorporated of it does feel cold and unattractive. Shades of Grey can be lifted up with pops of color on furniture, carpets, paintings or even flowers. ‘Too much of one things always hurts’’ is especially true here prompting even staunch minimalists to reconsider their stance. The appeal of industrial interiors lies in their airiness, fluidity and time worm appearance in turn serving as a reference point for designers all over the world.


The light within the grey

Large windows instead of walls beautifully illuminate greyish floors and furniture. But there are other attributes to consider. Overall they enlarge the space and make the whole interior cozier. They give it grandeur and create the impression of spaciousness.