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Italian design in the world of Czech interiors

Italian design in the world of Czech interiors

Italy, the cradle of art, architecture, fashion and gastronomy. A country with a bohemian soul, imbued with blazing sun and fiery temperament. A place of endless games with sensation, space, light and geometry.  As a result, many admirers from all over the world come to soak up its magical atmosphere and pay tribute to the authors of its masterpieces. It is no wonder that designers and architects from the Czech Republic also seek creative inspiration in this inspiring country. What elements inspired by Italy do they project into the Czech interiors of their clients?

The bright, modern, minimalist Italian-style apartment gives a very fresh and airy impression (Photo: Paulis Studio, Crystal Calacatta Silva, Technistone®).

Italian style Elegance 

Quality materials, elegance, timelessness. These are the words used by architect Lenka Langerová to describe the Italian style of living and to summarize why she often chooses this style as an interior design solution for her clients.  We invite you to take a look at a sample of housing with distinctive Italian elements and modern design, where gold and white play the main role and luxury combines with elegance. The entire interior was realized under the supervision of Paulis Studio.

The new face of the interior

The apartment is located in a new building. It was not a renovation, but a completely new apartment, which the designers gave a distinctive aesthtic. “The layout of the apartment was fundamentally changed compared to the developers project, for example, the height of the terrace was changed. The interventions were also reflected in the exterior or electrical wiring. Most of the furniture is illuminated, but with different types of lamps or LED strips, which creates a specific atmosphere of the apartment. For example, subtle LED strips are used on the beds in the children’s rooms, in the wardrobes, on the golden glass cabinets and in the niches,” explains Michaela Hrnečková from Paulis Studio.

White hand in hand with gold

The current trend in interior design leans towards simple lines and neutral colours such as white. A suitable colour partner for this clean style is gold, which often finds its way into modern interiors.  “We matched the apartment in white combined with gold. This combination is very harmonious and gives the place a touch of luxury. With Paulis Studio, we make furniture from lacquered oak veneer in white – it looks much more elegant than ordinary lacquer,” says the architect Lenka Langerová.

The apartment has also gained its own unique touch thanks to the original design of the gold ceiling lights with a diameter of 170 and 120 cm (Photo: Paulis Studio). 

The brightly colored spaces, illuminated by sunlight, are sensitively complemented by the Crystal Calacatta Silva decor (Photo: Paulis Studio, Technistone®). 


The interior of a home is first and foremost a reflection of the personality of its owners. For a project to be successful, it is necessary to empathize with the clients’ wishes and desires and find their specific style. In this case, this was not the first collaboration and the designers were given full confidence in the implementation. The studio had a free hand in the choice of furniture and other interior elements.

“The apartment took approximately three months to complete. This is longer than usual, but the ample time gave us the opportunity to fine-tune the details and adapt to the wishes of the architects and clients in the process. We met on site and worked out the best solution operationally. The implementation was technically demanding, but the result was worth it”, says Michal Čížek, the owner of the studio.

A practical dining table made of engineered stone with a glass base forms one of the main landmarks of the living room: Paulis Studio, Crystal Calacatta Silva