Kitchen bar 4x different

Bar counters are quite popular in domestic homes. What are their advantages, drawbacks, and what types of bar stools are there?

Practical information for a starter:

  • The height of the average bar is from 90 to 120 cm
  • The interior bar stool must be of a size suitable for the counter and especially safe, sturdy and stable.

1. Kitchen islands

Kitchen islands are an ideal choice for spacious kitchens. They often include a sink with a dripping area.

2. Bar counter as an element of kitchen furniture

If you have enough space in the kitchen, we have another tip for you. Extend the work area with the bar – this is the ideal solution if you plan to install a U or L kitchen and you also want to save some space.

3. Wall bar counter

In this case, it is a long narrow counter that is mounted on a wall or is at least located near the wall. This type of bar can be used in small and narrow kitchens.

4. Bar counters as an element for room separation

Bar counters are also often used as a dividing element between the dining room and the kitchen, or between the kitchen and the living room.

The material and design of the selected bar counter then depends entirely on you and your preferences.

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