Lemonade of roses or PINK lemonade is a hit of summer

Roses! They can decorate your interior or serve as a refreshing scent. Try lemonade from roses; refreshing, delicious and sexy! For example, in New York City it became a hit in 2018.

Source: Technistone. Kitchen top shade: Noble Imperial Grey.

Rose petals do not necessarily have to be relegated to the classic vase, they can also dress up a party drink or lemonade. All you need is non-chemically treated flowers, thoroughly wash them and start the work. What and How to Do it? Try our recipe. We are sure it will be a hit.

You need these ingredients: Rose Syrup or Rosemary Fentimans. Lemon. Currant or try blackberries. Honey.

This refreshing lemonade is served in Arab countries, Pakistan and India. Lemonade is made from rose petal syrup, not from pink water, which is used in sweet recipes. Rose syrup is strong, sweet and often bright to dark pink.

You can make a rose syrup as follows: Boil water with sugar for 5 minutes. Compact as many rose petals as possible into the ¼ liter measuring cup. Then pour the roses into the hot sugar solution, add citric acid to the tip of the knife and leave it for 2 days. The resulting syrup should be stored in a cold dry space, where it will last for a few days.

Source: Technistone. Kitchenette top: Noble Carrara.

Source: Technistone. Kitchen top: Noble Imperial Grey.

The videos from our recipes can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCulyUzT5bmorQglmNhhj81A