Lucie Hovorková and her Scandinavian kingdom

Lucie Hovorková and her Scandinavian kingdom

The northern wind is fresh, simple and brings functionality together with purity and timelessness… In recent years, the wind from the north has been blowing harder and stronger. In many of our households, it leaves a mark of fascination with Scandinavian design. Lucie Hovorková is a minimalist whose life runs with Scandinavian living. It is an artistic direction that has dominated architecture and interior design in recent years. Minimalism, a combination of natural materials, simple lines, modern home decorations – these are the words that characterize Scandinavian design.

Although it is a design that has its roots in the ancient Viking cultures and the beginnings of handicraft production, it also encompasses the present and elevates it to the trends of the future. The style is characterized by the connection of man with nature, so it is a typical combination of natural materials – wood, stone, glass, linen, cotton.

Lucie let herself be guided by her natural sense of detail and her own timeless elegance. Judge for yourself how she succeeded. A beautiful open space with acknowledged attic beams promotes a sense of freedom and opens the mind. One is not disturbed by any unnecessary stimuli. Sufficiently large space for impression ensures an airy environment, which still creates the cosines and warmth of home.

The house of Lucie and her family proves the saying of simplicity and beauty. Light colors, decent gloss and maximum functionality. Lucie is not only a woman with a sense of aesthetics, but also of practicality, so she has no place here that would be useless. As she says: “The advantage of a minimalist interior is the freedom to choose decorations and home accessories. By simply replacing them, you will breathe a completely different atmosphere into your home. ”

Behind the interior, which is crisp and clean, there is also a choice of quality materials. “I take care of my husband and two small children, so I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It was important for me that it corresponded to my ideas and at the same time to quality requirements. I can’t imagine a kitchen without a proper work desk. That’s why I chose Technistone® in the Noble Carrara decor with a glossy surface. I know I can count on it. ”

“The kitchen is certainly the most expensive part our house. Since I am already furnishing my second house, I know that it is not worth saving on quality materials. Especially not on the kitchen and bathroom. These are residential parts that are difficult to reconstruct and their reconstruction is very expensive. Choose quality materials and proven surface treatment practices. A larger initial investment will save you potential costs in the future. ”

“I have a dream kitchen , with a clear conscience I would recommend it to my friends. The Technistone® kitchen worktop plays a role. It is beautiful, practical and reliable. The kitchen is my sweetheart. ”

Lucie not only used Technistone® in her kitchen, but also in the bathrooms. There she bet on the decor of Crystal Absolute White. “Technistone® is very easy to maintain. The stonemasons let us to try out the white plate and I must say that we were very pleasantly surprised by what it will last. ”

If you like order and sobriety in life, Scandinavian minimalism is the right direction for you and an instrument for creating unmistakable beauty. Lucie also tried many design styles, but she only found confidence  in minimalism. “Simplicity must come to you.” For Lucia, home is a place where she feels safe. Surrounded by people she loves. “It is a quiet space for a quiet life and an escape from the ubiquitous chaos. I am happy that I managed to create an interior where everything has its place. ” And what does home mean to you?