Luxury living in Dubai

The raw beauty of nature has inspired humanity throughout the ages. Today, our power to shape and transform this magnificence into something that enlightens our daily lives is unrivalled.

For Palma, one of Dubai’s premier bespoke developers and property managers, with an over $1 billion portfolio built by hand, beauty, nature and light were fundamental to the company’s quality-centric approach to development.

(Serenia Residencies, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai)


When it comes to the Serenia Residences, an exclusive gated community on The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, the synergy between man and nature is manifestly evident.

As one of a series of man-made islands extending off the coast of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates into the serene azure blue waters of the Persian Gulf, in 2007 it became the world’s largest artificial island with a population of over 10,500 people.

At the Serenia Residencies, nestled between the luxurious Waldorf Astoria and the Anantara Resort & Spa, creating homes with meticulously selected finishes and the finest attention to detail was of paramount importance.

That’s why their team of experts turned to Technistone to be able to offer the ultimate in excellence.

Made in the heart of Europe in the Czech Republic, the TechniStone collection of surfaces, brilliantly combining the finest, high-quality natural materials, cutting-edge technologies and engineering perfection, bring the power of light and nature into people’s daily lives.

(Living Room – Serenia Residencies, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai)

Unlike, traditional marble, which is a high-end product with a high-end price, porous, absorbent when it comes to stains and household cleaners, high-maintenance, easy to scratch or chip, and difficult to install, Technistone’s state-of-the-art mixing and molding technologies work with the wonders of nature to create extremely resilient, beautiful and non-absorbent surfaces that add a whole new dimension to both interior and exterior design.

Ideal for everything from bathrooms to kitchen counters, table tops, bar tops, flooring, stone stairs, walls, and even fireplaces, TechniStone’s line of hand crafted materials are at once low-maintenance, stunningly beautiful, easy to work with and everlasting.

Resistant to scratches and chemicals, and with marble accents in interior design one of today’s luxury trends, the inherent values in Technistone’s surface materials were perfectly in line with Palma’s exacting needs.

The use of natural granites and silicone sands, as well as the wide varieties of colors, finishes, thickness and size made TechniStone surfaces the ultimate material to bring out the best in harmonious, aesthetic living in conjunction with the idyllic surrounding beach side environment at Serenia Residencies.

(Master Bedroom – Serenia Residencies, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai)

Extraordinary, yet practical, Technistone’s hardened stone is uniquely capable of striking the perfect balance between natural light, the surrounding environment and bespoke luxury design. Optimal for both interior and exterior use,  in private or public projects and in industrial buildings, and most often found in the form of kitchen and bathroom countertops, pavers, stairs, tiles, etc. TechniStone brings nature, comfort and functionality together, opening up endless options for bespoke projects that bring luxury, tranquility, and the ultimate sense of home.

The Serenia Residences, as the only exclusively residential community on The Palm Jumeirah’s Crescent, is Palma’s flagship project and yet another of its iconic and exceptional additions to Dubai’s skyline, sublimely enhanced by TechniStone’s beauty, simplicity and elegance.