Meble Wnętrza: Creating bespoke furniture requires care and precision

Meble Wnętrza: Creating bespoke furniture requires care and precision

Designers and architects cannot do without reliable suppliers. One of the professionals in the field of furniture design is the  Meble Wnętrza Studio, offering the construction of customized furniture that faithfully reflects the ideas and needs of architects and direct customers. Even the smallest order is given detailed  attention and care. They take care of timely delivery and follow the motto “measure twice, cut once”. Each of their projects is characterized by a guarantee of high quality.

The Meble Wnętrza Studio was founded in 2018. Initially, the 3-person team handled small orders for single pieces of furniture. Already when studying, they were all sure that making furniture from start to finish would be the right way to go.

 “Meticulous room measurements, preparation of detailed CAD drawings, professional approach to the client, constant deepening of knowledge about new materials or new technical solutions. All this helps us to move forward dynamically. We take care of every client from start to finish,” describes the studio, which prides itself most of all on the cordial relationship between employees, clients and architects.

 “There are currently 8 people working in the studio. We design and produce mostly furniture, occasionally complete interiors. We always ensure full coordination with the finishing contractors as well as planning the necessary side activities. In this way we are able to achieve spectacular results. Each team performs the task in which it specializes. We love our work, it is our passion,” they state.

Every new project is a new adventure

Studio Meble Wnętrza operates under the supervision of young and talented architect Natalia Mielczarek-Prym. Her pastel pink kitchen has taken the interior design world by storm. The design of the original furniture required unusual care and attention, which Meble Wnetrza gave it. Pastels, curves and vintage accessories dominate the young family’s apartment. The result of the collaboration is breathtaking, literally to anyone who crosses the threshold. The fronts of the units in the kitchen, hall and bathroom are made of semi-matt lacquered MDF, which creates the impression of an even softer, almost velvety surface.

 “In our projects, we are committed to long-term customer satisfaction. The use of moisture-resistant MDF or the provision of ventilation in essential places is standard,” add the designers.

TechniStone® worktop in Noble Olympos Mist.

“In houses and apartments, kitchens and bathrooms are always the showcase. TechniStone® is the most common choice.  The many advantages of this material and the wide range of colours make it possible to match it with different design styles”, explains the realization studio.

The project, designed by Polish studio Better Home Interior Design, required bespoke furniture from Meble Wnetrza.

 “The unusual layout of the apartment, elaborated down to the smallest detail, gave us a huge scope to reveal the best of what we are capable of,” says Meble Wnertza studio.

“ Special attention is paid to the stucco on the kitchen furniture. The knob-shaped handles emphasise the sophisticated style. The careful choice of materials has not been overlooked in the kitchen and bathroom countertops made of TechniStone®.

We raise the standards high. Every detail must be refined, beautiful and durable for years to come. We make furniture to make us and the client happy.”

TechniStone® worktop in Elegance Eco Nev