Ornamental grasses make a great addition to any garden design. Whether you are looking to plant a container garden or transform a hillside, grasses will fit the bill.

Add them to Containers. While not the typical choice, grasses are very well suited for containers. They can be used as a tall centerpiece in an urn or planted solo in an oversized container.. Incorporate them into a Meadow. Skillfully combine billowing grasses with dancing wildflowers, bulbs and other plants to create meadows that harmonize with the surrounding landscape.. Plant Around Your Pool. Planting around a pool can be a tricky task and it is often neglected or done poorly. dUse Them to Evoke Water. Savvy, creative gardeners can use grasses in their water-saving gardens to create an illusion of watery abundance. Choosing dry-adapted plants to accomplish this sleight of hand makes the illusion even more satisfying.

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