Paris “chic” housing

French interiors are the same as French fashion – simple, elegant and yet timeless. And they cast an indescribable spell. How to get closer to Paris ‘chic’ housing?

Do you love bright colors and simplicity? Then give a chance to Parisian style!


Provencal or Parisian?

The French style is often divided into Provençal and Parisian. The Provencal style is inspired by the French countryside and above all by nature, there are many rustic and floral elements. Wood and stone dominate the materials, which resembles the Parisian style, on the contrary, it is very elegant and noble. Its necessity is neutral. Where else would we find sophisticated cello interiors than in France? Very popular is ivory, light gray or brown. Even the walls remain bright white.

You do not have to worry about gold accessories when arranging your Paris interior.


The French love art

As for furniture, choose simple, elegant pieces – an ideal example is a white leather sofa or a large open library in the living room. The French are also great art lovers, so their interiors are sure to include paintings or valuable decorations in the form of antique vases, original lamps or a pompous crystal chandelier. In this style, it is possible to combine old and modern. Stylish pieces can be found, for example, in antiquarian books. On the windows hang long curtains in cream color, but keep the windows uncovered during the day, natural light is key in this style.


Ideal for the bathroom

The French style does not only apply to the living room or bedroom, but also the kitchen and bathroom. Don’t forget that any room can take over puget of fresh fragrant flowers.

You can also add home soaps, oils and candles – the necessity of every Parisian bathroom.





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