Rethinking the kitchen and light with Marco Maio

It’s a well-known fact that the kitchen is the centerpiece of every household. Families spend countless hours in and around the kitchen making the spirit it exudes essential to the vitality of daily domestic life. That said, kitchens get a lot of wear and tear are of limited space and, when it’s time to breathe new life into such an essential space, these limitations can present a significant challenge. One way to address this issue, according to architect Marco Maio, is the effective and creative use of light together with select natural materials.

Marco Maio is a Portuguese architect living in Prague, and a true expert in his field focused on working with light and how it interacts with varying spaces and materials to revitalize interior spaces, whether the sun is shining or not.



The colors, intensity and shape of light define the immaterial areas of the room and have a direct effect on the feelings, emotions and sensitivity of the people using the space.

In one of his most recent projects, the owners of a family apartment if Prague had decided to renovate their kitchen and were interested in creating a brighter, warmer space, not only to defend against the long, cold Central European winter but moreover to infuse the kitchen with a healthy vibrancy year round.

To realize this goal, Marco selected two main materials – oak wood and Technistone® quartz in Crystal Calacatta Amnis with distinct, marbled veins running beautifully throughout the slab. Oak is at once ancient and elegant and evocative of the richness of nature, deep forests and a sense of serenity steeped in natural awe. It perfectly reflects the warm, soothing pale yellow light towards the ceiling and walls, adding a certain motion and dynamism to the space. In addition, the chosen Calacatta counter tops elegantly dress the work area and flow freely into the side and backboard. Its angelic yet earthy white color reflects bright and clear light, further accentuating the graceful dynamism of the space. Flowers and houseplants that blend perfectly with the natural materials are also an essential living accessory that creates a welcoming feeling of vitality, warmth and friendliness.


Do you want your kitchen to be a relaxing space filled with positive energy? Choose bright yet elegant natural materials.

“The materials and colors chosen for the interior are extremely important because of the reflection of the light, which can be natural or artificial. The light nature of the surface reflects almost the entire spectrum of light, creating a wider and more spacious impression of space, while the darker surface absorbs light or reflects the color of the material, ”says Marco Maio about the subtle yet essential interplay play of light and dark.


The biggest and busiest area of ​​the kitchen has always been the kitchen countertop, making it mission critical that this space is not only amazingly aesthetic but also highly functional. Light stone, which helps to illuminate the home and creates an ambience at once modern, welcoming and sophisticated, is available from Technistone in a wide range of shades. This kitchen countertop from the Serenity collection resembles natural marble, an ideal fit for the interplay of light and space. At the same time, thanks to the production technology involved, quartz is a highly durable and resilient material suitable for intensive everyday use. Technistone® adds both value, permanence, practical functionality and astonishing beauty to the heart of the home. In the hands of architects like Marco Maio, and his deep understanding of the interplay of materials and light, Technistone® displays its full potential to rejuvenate interior spaces and bring your home to life.