Salt Design combines history, innovation, and TechniStone® countertops

‘Our greatest source of inspiration is the unending variety of colours, materials, textures, scents, and all the other things that surround us in nature. They stimulate our creativity and guide us toward new and unique designs’. These are the words of a pair of young interior designers, Tunde and Inez, from the Salt Design studio.

The Hungarian design studio Salt Design tries to maintain a balance between history and innovation in its projects, with one foot in the past and the other in the future. The result is timeless interiors incorporating vintage objects and innovative ideas that make everyday life easier. ‘We never want to lose the historical spirit of a living space. It is the same as in life. We can’t think only of the future and forget about our past. The past is what has made us what we are today and what keeps our feet on the ground. The key to life is balance, and that is what our designs are all about’, explain the two designers.

Every one of their projects is conceived in harmony with nature. ‘TechniStone® is one aspect of nature that we can bring into the client’s home. It is an alternative to natural stone that is always an excellent choice because of its extreme durability. The best way to ensure a long useful life of a project is to choose materials that will not need to be changed or renewed over time’, add the talented designers.   

A Kitchen as Blue as the Sky

‘This was one of the most challenging projects that we have undertaken in our entire professional careers. We had only ten weeks to complete the whole construction project. One really difficult part was logistics and ensuring everything was perfectly timed. This project expanded the limits of our abilities and perfected our skills. The client didn’t want to change the layout of their kitchen and wanted to retain the existing cabinet bodies’. For that reason, Tunde and Inez decided to remodel the visible parts of the kitchen like the cabinet doors, countertop, and backsplash. The royal blue colour of the kitchen is accented by the ivory of the countertop, for which they chose TechniStone® Noble Pro Frost.

A Bathroom in Blue Sage

‘The client wanted us to design her bathroom so that all its accessories would be within reach of the sink. She had had a bad experience with wooden countertops and asked us for a solution where splashing water would not be a problem. We chose Crystal Absolute White for the vanity top and added a sink mounted from below’, said the duo of designers.

A Minimalist, but Different Kitchen

‘A small kitchen in a light-filled space, where a young couple now spend their time. The clients liked simplicity, but also wanted something different. We chose a TechniStone® countertop in Taurus Terazzo White. The rest of the kitchen was furnished in a minimalistic style. One visible natural touch is the wooden shelves that open up the space’.