Technistone Introduces New Designs for Spring 2023

Creative, innovative, and timeless — that’s the beauty of engineered stone from Technistone. It enhances any interior space and gives it a distinctive look. Worldwide trends in interior design change frequently, but engineered stone will always be a popular material. It seems like interior designers and architects are appreciating it more and more every year. 

Three Distinctive Colours for Timeless Interiors

Technistone follows the latest trends in interior design closely. The new designs that it regularly adds to its range of products are inspired by them. January 2023 kicks off with the introduction of three new designs that complement Technistone’s existing palette of fascinating colours for its engineered stone. As a part of the Wilsonart company, Technistone is expanding its Noble and Serenity collections with modern designs that are now available to you in the new year! Let yourself be inspired and create your dream interior with them. 

We’re talking about Noble Vintage (in our Noble collection), Noble Portland Grey (another in the same collection) and Pearl Alba (a Serenity collection design). Technistone was inspired by the spontaneity and beauty of the nature that surrounds us. Our new designs closely resemble natural stone and are very similar to their marble counterparts. Are you curious? Let’s take a look at them together.


Pearl Alba

The newest design in our Serenity collection was inspired by natural marble. Its fine, greyish brown veining on a white base suggests the twists and turns of a river. Pearl Alba will enchant anyone who loves pure white, but wants an interesting design element as well.

 The colours of Pearl Alba are similar to those of Pearl Delta, Pearl Lava and Pearl Rocca, but in reverse. Its veins are much finer and subtler, so it not only combines well with other materials, but also with other TechniStone® designs. Pearl Alba is ideal for any space you would like to make a harmonious, functional, and timeless interior.

Noble Vintage

A traditional décor with a modern feel that will never look dated. Noble Vintage is a timeless white classic with a fresh, refined appearance. Its distinctive surface texture recalls the gentle movement of windblown, fine white sand.

 Noble Vintage is like an eternally beautiful heirloom piece from another era that radiates a homey warmth. While its name may suggest a romantic or vintage interior, you shouldn’t fear using it in a playfully modern or Scandinavian setting as well. Its luxurious look goes best in a large kitchen or bathroom where its unique beauty will really stand out. 

Noble Portland Grey 

The warm grey-brown shade of Noble Portland Grey evokes the atmosphere of a big-city loft.

Its subtle troweled-concrete-like finish is sophisticated and refined. Customers appreciate its versatility and the ease with which it combines with other materials. From the very beginning, this new decor from the Noble collection has been developed to easily combine with other accessories in your kitchen or bathroom. 

Noble Portland Grey contains over 75% raw materials from the Czech Republic. Its surface is especially attractive in a matte finish. You’ll love its elegant, earthy colour and its fine-grained texture, which make this minimalist design totally unique.

Are you intrigued by our new products? Would you like to indulge in the beauty of engineered stone in your interior?

You can find inspiration on our website and see for yourself that you can use it anywhere. There is a wide variety of applications for Technistone’s engineered stone slabs. They are most commonly used to create kitchen countertops, bathroom and kitchen wall cladding, fireplaces, pavers, and even windowsills and tables. In an interior, engineered stone is a unique material that combines high quality and deep beauty with all its excellent functional and technical properties.   

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