Technistone Presents New Wilsonart Collection

We’re keeping up with modern times in 2023 and expanding our portfolio of colors to meet our customers’ demands. We’ve joined forces with our parent company Wilsonart and introduced four new designs to the Technistone color palette. They will impress you with their soft, clean lines and unique patterns. 

What new products have we have prepared for you? Global interior design trends are constantly changing. But some of them are so timeless that their popularity just keeps on growing. Above all, we’re talking about marble, whose elegant, clean look never ceases to captivate interior designers and customers everywhere in the world. That’s why we’ve given some classic marble decors a modern twist.

Our Calacatta product line has become synonymous with luxury and elegance. It’s popular because of its veining that replicates the look of natural marble. When we were looking for new designs for our engineered stone we were inspired by nature and the colorful Tuscan countryside. Take a look.


Calacatta Serchio

The Calacatta Serchio decor was inspired by Italy’s Serchio River, which winds through the mountains of Tuscany. The material is characterized by rugged veining on a white background, which reminds you of fresh streams rushing through a mountain landscape. From close up, you can see patterns that resemble tiny bubbles. Calacatta Serchio stands out perfectly in minimalist interiors combined with light, warm wood tones.


Calacatta Pastino

Calacatta Pastino evokes cracks in ice, which break up the uniformity of the white surface and give it a unique appearance. The icy beauty of Calacatta Pastino is the embodiment of elegance, tranquility, and harmony. It combines perfectly well with black or grey accessories, but you shouldn’t fear combining it with bolder colors like mauve or fuchsia.

Calacatta Volegno

Calacatta Volegno is characterized by a distinctive grey and brown design that recalls the contours of the Italian mountains. Its wide veins are enhanced by warm golden borders that stand out against the white background. Calacatta Volegno is like a painting that captures all the glory of Italy’s mountain scenery.

Calacatta Olympos 

Calacatta Olympos radiates the energy you’ll need to climb a mountain ridge. Its pattern relies on balance and dynamism and is a sophisticated combination of two types of veining in cool grey and warm browns on a white surface. Its harmonious combination of opposites is unique and will enliven any interior. It goes well with materials like glass, metal, and wood in many different shades.

Have you fallen in love with the new decors from our Calacatta collection? Get inspired! Browse through our gallery and discover the pure beauty of engineered stone with a marble look.