The Reasons Why You Will Love Beige Bathrooms

The bathroom is where your day begins and ends. That’s why you should give it the attention it most assuredly deserves when you design it. Create a relaxing oasis that makes you feel great and perfectly reflects your own personality and lifestyle. 

Black and white bathrooms are time-honored classics we will always enjoy. However, beige tiles, countertops, and other furnishings are becoming more and more popular the world over, thanks to their adaptability and multifunctionality. Believe us when we say that a beige bathroom in a modern design will very easily become a place where even a casual shower will be a unique experience. Don’t wait. Welcome beige into your modern bathroom!

New design Harmonia Navajo

The Myths and Realities of Beige Bathrooms  

In the past, beige was said to be a bland color that doesn’t offend but surely doesn’t delight either. However, this is no longer the case. Modern interior designers love beige and they are using it more and more. They are proving that beige doesn’t have to be boring and bland in an interior, quite the opposite. The right tiles and accessories will help conjure up a pleasant atmosphere in any bathroom. Beige adds warmth to an otherwise cold bathroom. It is calming, but at the same time it’s stylish and elegant. 

Even so, many people try to avoid beige. As with grey, many fear it may be too raw-looking. However, furnishing a bathroom in beige is an excellent strategic move because it perfectly enhances the effect of surrounding colors. Perhaps it doesn’t need repeating that beige can be matched to any style. Let’s see how to work with it!

A Stylish Beige Bathroom

When it comes to the style of your beige bathroom, you can let your imagination run wild. Thanks to its versatility and combinability, you can work with beige in almost any interior. From small bathrooms with limited space to large ones with a whirlpool or sauna. The current trend in interior design is mainly towards natural and modern minimalist designs, where subtle earthy shades are used in combination with white or black.

Choose the Right Shade of Beige for Your Bathroom 

One of the huge advantages of beige is its neutrality. In fact, thanks to that, it can provide a neutral color base for any interior, which unlike pure white will make the room warm and cozy. In addition, it comes in a wide range of shades. So you can choose one or more of the many variants, from light beige undertones to dark ochre ones. Very popular colors include almond, sand, cream, coffee and clay. Just choose your favorites and get creative!

Noble Arco

What Colors to Combine in a Beige Bathroom

When furnishing a beige bathroom, you can combine colors freely and be creative and innovative.  Shades of white never disappoint, whether you opt for warm or creamy white, ivory, or reach for a colder option instead. You won’t go wrong with an elegant black or anthracite grey either. 

Beige symbolizes the element of earth. It is therefore ideal to combine it with other natural tones such as grey, brown, dark green, olive, blue, or khaki. However, you don’t have to be afraid of using other colors. For the eternal romantic, we recommend matching beige with pastels, which are characterized by their soft, velvety tones. Mint or a powdery color, for example, will look great with beige in a bathroom. 

What Materials to Combine in a Beige Bathroom

Beige is such a timeless, multifunctional color that you can combine it not only with other colors, but also with many different materials. It goes well with natural elements, especially wood and natural stone. However, it also beautifully complements engineered stone and ceramics. Large format beige tiles, which will determine the overall color impression of the room, are an ideal choice. Large formats are perfect with beige. You can combine such tiles with glass, chrome, or 3D mosaics. 

Floor Tiles Play a Leading Role in Beige Bathrooms

Wooden bathroom furniture goes well with beige floor tiles. You should choose the shade of the wood  according to the shade of beige you want to use and in relation to the other accessories. Darker shades, such as walnut or cherry, look great in combination with white, glass and metal. There’s no need to add other bold elements or colors. However, if you choose a lighter-toned wood such as birch or oak, combining it with beige can end up looking bland, even drab. We recommend adding a bold element that will elevate your natural-color bathroom to another level. 

Beige Bathrooms Look Larger

Light colors in general enlarge and expand a space. So another advantage of beige is that it brightens and optically enlarges a bathroom, especially when combined with white. Glass or large mirrored surfaces can also be used to further enlarge the room visually. An elegant mirror with LED backlighting is perfect for a beige bathroom.  

Liven Up a Beige Bathroom

A great tip for livening up a beige bathroom and enhancing its natural appearance is to incorporate live plants or other greenery. Green is the color of nature, life, and life energy. Some plants even absorb excess moisture and act as a natural dehumidifier, which is ideal for a smaller bathroom. If you have a small bathroom with no windows, be sure to choose plants that don’t need a lot of light.

Add Something Unique to a Beige Bathroom

If you like bold elements and want to go for something aesthetically provocative, we’ve got a couple of ideas for the modern interior of your beige bathroom that might interest you. Neutral beige works great as a buffer for bolder colors, with which it can coordinate perfectly. Opt for decorations or towels in turquoise or bright emerald to make your bathroom really luxurious. Contrasted with golden elements, a unifying beige color will conjure up the glamorous bathroom of your dreams.

Noble Concrete Grey

Engineered Stone in a Beige Bathroom

Engineered stone looks fresh and beautiful in any interior and lasts a long time, whether you opt for beige in your bathroom countertops, wall cladding, or floor tiles. It has the look of the natural material, but its great advantages over natural stone are its durability, low porosity, and impermeability, which is something you will appreciate in the bathroom. For inspiration, here are a few of our favorites candidates for your new beige bathroom.

Noble Concrete Grey  

A warm grey-beige slab of Noble Concrete Grey is a perfect choice if you love the luxurious look of a hotel spa but want to really feel at home as well. It looks great with cherry-wood. Together with white accessories, it will turn your bathroom into heaven. 

Noble Troya

Noble Troya s a very popular warm shade of beige with a hint of brown. It’s suitable not only for the kitchen, but also for the bathroom. Combined with white, glass, and metal, you can boast of a modern, minimalist bathroom that will be beautiful for years to come. 

Noble Ivory White

Noble Ivory White is a grey and beige decor with a marble-like texture of tiny white veins. It is a perennial favorite, and not only for bathrooms. This creamy shade is available only in its glossy version and is reminiscent of marble in its patterning. It will add refinement to any interior. We recommend combining it with light, natural wood, black metal, or black accessories.    

Noble Arco 

The light grey-beige shade of engineered stone in Noble Arco combines the refinement of marble and the texture of fine veining to create a unique overall design. With this sophisticated pattern, your bathroom will be a cozy interior space with elegance and luxury. Noble Arco is suitable for combination with different tones of grey, from very light to dark black. 

Crystal Royal

The light beige shade Crystal Royal has a subtle, natural look thanks to its fine grains, which give the decor a unique texture that perfectly complements its otherwise neutral, light appearance. It can be combined with all natural materials. In a minimalist bathroom, it looks divine in combination with white.   

Have you fallen in love with the idea of a timeless, calm, and elegant beige bathroom? Are you intrigued by our engineered stone designs? Visit the Technistone website for more inspiration!