Poetic Black in bathroom with round mirrors

The stone in the bathroom is not just for connoisseurs

It doesn’t matter if ceramic tiles are the in-thing now or that this year the vogue is a free-standing bathtub and a combination of gray and white. If you want to put together a bathroom, do not be misled by what is trending, but opt ​​for materials and a suitable arrangement that will serve you well for a long time. You create a bathroom not for a year or five, but for fifteen, twenty or more.  This year’s trends in shelter magazines will not be in vogue next season. In other words do not let your heart rule your head.


The bathroom also deserves timelessness; quality materials and a careful approach, which together guarantee that you will enjoy it for many years. The recipe for your perfect bathroom can start with this article.


Material that suits every bathroom

Among a plethora of materials suitable for the bathroom, engineered stone stands out. A great material that will aesthetically satisfy both lovers of Nordic minimalism, fans of a rustic atmosphere, as well as unfettered visionaries surrounded by a wide range of colors.


White bathroom with round mirror

Light colors suit Scandinavian style, lovers of mystery and sharp elegance can go for black, marble design adds a luxurious touch (Crystal Absolute White, TechniStone®)


However, this material carries more than just superficial beauty. You will fall in love with it at second and third sight, for example, when installing multiple parts of slabs, which create a perfect uniformity in the entire area. There is probably no one who would not get upset when cleaning the grout. Furthermore, when cleaning you can easily remove the remnants of watercolors from its surface, which your children could think of no better way to dispose of than to “artistically“, get rid of in a white bathroom. Think of it, in a few years, you’ll fall in love with it again when it regains its lost shine by regrinding.

Non-porosity, non-absorbency and resistance to bacteria are exactly the qualities that everyone is looking for in a practical home, and Technistone® has them all.


Poetic Black in bathroom with round mirrors

Bold patterns stand out well in large bathrooms. In small ones be more modest (Poetic Black, TechniStone®)


Think big but also pay attention to small details

Technistone® slabs are made in a large format and you can use them to cover the bathroom from floor to ceiling. However, if you do not want to feel like you are in a Roman bath every day, all you have to do is place it in the shower, for example. It tolerates moisture very well. It also works as a tile in combination with underfloor heating. When applied to one whole wall it brings the space to a whole new level. The stone does not even have to reach up to the ceiling, all you have to do is line the wall half-way with Technistone material, and have the rest painted. It will optically enlarge the room.

It can also be used as a countertop under the sink. And if you repeat the same decor on another detail, such as the window sill, it will keep the narrative of your bathroom.


Crystal Calacatta Silva in bathroom

Earthy tones, furniture and accessories made of wood or decorative natural products add warmth to the bathroom. (Crystal Calacatta Silva, TechniStone®)