Bright creamy kitchen with TechniStone® kitchen countertop in a wooden log

The trend of micro-housing

In the Czech Republic, micro-housing is a fairly new trend. Surely you are familiar with mobile homes, caravans, log cabins or you have at least considered the idea of ​​a cottage in a weekend community, where you go to relax .However, modern mini-houses are not only stylish, but also comfortable and practical. Why are these compact homes becoming more popular?

The search for Zen

A trip through the Šumava Mountains in summer affords us the chance to spend the night in secluded places which contrast with the seemingly noisy environment of our rented apartment facing a cold courtyard in Prague. You are in harmony with nature. In the morning  to open the windows of our modest refuge in the middle of pine forests bordered by vast meadows. In the evening before sleep counting imaginary sheep or accompanied the cooing of owls.

Can you imagine living an extraordinary way of life in a place where the stars in the night sky are at your fingertips, where the moon illuminates the road instead of a street lamp, where you will not have to listen to the noise of the TV from neighbours in the evening, but the crackling of fire in the fireplace and where the word loneliness is connected with being happy ?As for me , yes . That is why me and my beloved husband are starting to toy with the idea of ​​escaping from civilization again, and the trend of living in compact buildings is a great inspiration for us.


.Bright creamy kitchen with Technistone® kitchen countertop in a wooden log


There is no space for sacrifice, but need.

Living on an area of fifteen, twenty or thirty square meters can be a huge challenge for anybody , and not everyone will want to face it. Such a small space requires a huge reassessment of priorities, and before you know it, you will find that micro homes are not only a place to live, but also a way of living ecologically with fulfilment, because it teaches us to get rid of excesses, better choose the things we want to surround ourselves with. Last but not least also treat available and easily depleted natural resources with caution. The rationally lighter we are, the better and happier.

But don’t be fooled by the size, micro-housing is not reserved for romantic lonely souls. Even in such a small space, families of four live with dogs and cats, and despite the initial problems, today they cannot but praise modest living. The location allows them to spend a lot of time outdoors, where the whole world opens up in front of them and they are much closer as a family.


Modern corner fireplace in the wall with wooden logs and a floor made of hardened Technistone® stone


Invest what  you save on operation on materials

Thanks to their small size, you will be able to afford better and renewable materials during construction, such as hemp or sheep wool for insulation instead of artificial glass wool, wood or clay instead of aerated concrete and slate rather than burnt tiles. Furnishing your interior will allow you to return to natural materials just to blend in perfectly with the surrounding landscape. At the same time, there is no need to compromise on style and a modern, clean look. Use durable stone, for example as an alternative  to all wood , in the kitchen as a worktop, in the bathroom as a tile or on window sills, it will create the impression of standard living with a touch of luxury and elegance.


White wooden kitchen with hob, sink and quartz Technistone®

Small, but even more stylish and thoughtful living, where literally every corner can be used.


The compact house is economical and is readily affordable in all respects. It can be a wonderful solution for everyone who dreams of their own housing and at the same time does not want to be burdened with a high mortgage.

You don’t have to go head-on into micro-housing. You can try it in several places in the Czech Republic and say goodbye to the long-held idea of ​​a temporary dormitory with a device that didn’t fit anywhere else, with walls decorated with antlers and air saturated with moisture.

The technology groovy Hideandseek in the foothills of the Šumava Mountains will convince you that even in the middle of the wilderness you can enjoy the conveniences of civilization. Tiny House Done in Smržovka in Jizera will captivate you with its endless views of the forest. It offers unique accommodation on the water surface in the vicinity with picturesque villages Dobčické rybníčky. And you can get a breath-taking view of the Ještěd “Treehouse” high in the treetops.

Are  you inspired and you are already one of those who long for independence and freedom, greener living and want to accumulate experiences rather than things? On his website Tiny Home ,Jan Němec can advise you on building free living on wheels. Blokkihand,  on the other hand is a wonderful alternative for those who want to have a lot less worries .The original house, which is based on a shipping container, will be built to measure for you . Mobile Hut can also provide innovative and practical designs to the last details for you.  


If you are looking for more inspiration for original living, we recommend watching the channel, Living Big in a Tiny House series, follow the Tiny House Nation series or browsing the pages of books dedicated to shelters in the bosom of nature from all over the world.

The article was created in collaboration with Bára Perglová

Bára Perglová