Why do you need a big window?

There is a certain appeal to a home with plenty of windows, even more so for large windows. Most of us would agree that a home with floor to ceiling windows tends to be more desirable than one with fewer and smaller windows. They provide visual access to the outdoors, allow in natural daylight and can provide fresh air and air circulation.


Plenty of natural daylight. Especially during the dark days of winter, large windows can allow light to stream in, allowing you to forgo electric lighting while benefiting from natural light. Exposure to natural light is known to help boost energy and moods and generally makes you feel better, while at the same time regulating your natural circadian rhythm, encouraging better sleeping at night.

Passive Solar gain. If designed properly, large well-positioned windows can help heat a home through passive solar gain in the winter when the sun is shining. A way to bring the outdoors in. Large windows can help you feel like you are part of the outdoors even when you’re inside. Studies have shown that views of the natural world have a profound positive effect on our health and well-being. Views of nature help boost our mood and make us happy. The beauty of the outdoors can also be used as a stunning backdrop for your decor. Functional art. Beautiful windows are pleasing to look at, make a room appear bigger.

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