A white Kitchen? Yes or no, Beata and Marie-Tereza just won’t let it go.

A white Kitchen? Yes or no, Beata and Marie-Tereza just won't let it go.

The kitchen is synonymous with the warmth of home. The smell of your favorite dish wafting from the kitchen draws the whole family together. Tell me, what domestic ritual is more loving than sitting down at the dining table with your loved ones? For moms, the greatest gift is the praise and joyous gathering of the whole family. As the saying goes, “love goes through the stomach”. But a good meal is preceded by a lot of work and preparation, which is why a practical and functional kitchen worktop is a great help.  A big recent trend is a white kitchen worktop. You may also be considering this option and wondering about its practicality. To offer you an unbiased perspective, we interviewed two women who have chosen a white kitchen for their home. How do they manage their worktops, where prejudice says every smudge should be visible?

White has always been a symbol of purity and innocence, but also of elegance, timelessness and new beginnings. It visually enlarges and aerates the interior making it bubble with energy. Most designers say that a white, minimalist kitchen will never go out of fashion. Simply replace kitchen accessories, handles or utensils – and with a minimal investment, you can “renovate” your kitchen as you please. The same opinion is shared by Beata and Marie-Tereza, who are completely satisfied with their “white” choice.

Beata’s choice “I am very happy with my kitchen “

She opted for Crystal Absolute White.  The sink has an under -mount with a recessed dispenser in the worktop. Everything is finished in pure white.

On white everything is immediately visible! Over time it will become dingy, grubby and scratched… These are common beliefs of people who don’t have a white kitchen. Beata had experience with a white kitchen from a previous apartment. She knew what she was getting into, yet she chose a white gloss kitchen again.

 “White was the obvious choice from the start of planning the interior of the house, not just the kitchen. There’s really nothing to worry about. We have to maintain the kitchen whether it’s white, black or pink,” she explains.

Beáta finds white to be a very variable colour. Just play around with accessories and the kitchen is instantly livable. She herself chose a Technistone® worktop in Crystal Absolute White. “I wanted a pure white, thin with an under- mount sink, stain and scratch resistant. This one met all my expectations. It also remains great due to the minimal gap, I only have one, and it’s in the corner of the kitchen. By having the sink underneath my countertop, there is no dirt left anywhere. I knew I wanted a pure white shade, so I didn’t have to decide between others,” she adds. Beáta sees her house in the minimalist style. After 2 years of living in the house, she wouldn’t change a thing.

BEATA’S TIP: “When designing your kitchen, think about how you will store your dishes, appliances and food in the cabinets/drawers. Design your kitchen to suit your needs and habits. I practically have only drawers in my entire kitchen. A dishwasher, pull-out bread slicer, warming drawer and central vacuum are other great appliances.”

  Marie-Tereza’s choice “The kitchen is the one room in our house that I’m the most proud of”

The kitchen worktop is in Mystery White. The kitchen space plays with reflections of natural and artificial light. The golden hardware and faucets add a touch of glamour to the kitchen.

Marie-Tereza wasn’t convinced about the white kitchen with matt door surfaces right from the start. She was a fan of design trends, so she was very serious about emerald hues. But in the end, she realized that a kitchen is not an accessory that can be easily replaced and decided on the versatile look of a timeless white kitchen. Unlike dark colours, it is less maintenance intensive. “I wanted handles on the doors to avoid any potential smudges. We don’t have kids yet, so all I need is a damp cloth.” she adds.

Marie-Tereza designed the entire kitchen herself. She sketched out the design in detail and then consulted a cabinetmaker. “The kitchen was my project from the very beginning. My husband gave me a free hand, even though his style is completely different. He would have liked an ultra-modern kitchen in black matt, with no handles; preferably so that you couldn’t tell it was a kitchen. But I think he’s happy now too, he nods with satisfaction after completion” she continues

. The Technistone® worktop in Mystery White was a big theme.

 “I was really worried if it would live up to expectations because I basically had to justify it at home. Now I’m honestly glad we finally decided to go for it. It’s so gorgeous and I simply can’t imagine any other kitchen.” she says in retrospect

MARIE-TERESA’S TIP: “I admit that a lot of things on the counter automatically evoke clutter in me. Even the kettle or the coffee machine bothers me. That’s why we keep the coffee maker in our kitchen hidden in its own cabinet, but easily accessible. I put the kettle and toaster in the exit in the corner of the kitchen, so I can just open the door in the morning, it slides out and I quickly hide everything again after breakfast.”