Entrepreneur and Blogger Lucie Závacká Inspires Women to Fulfill Their Dreams

Lucie Závacká is a lifestyle blogger, a successful entrepreneur, and a budding author. Her career path began with a small e-shop selling children’s articles. Two years ago. she opened a brick and mortar store as well. Lucie is very active on social networks and on her own blog, zivotpo30ce (Life After 30), which has gained thousands of fans, mainly among women. She spreads positive vibrations and does her best to inspire the women around her to improve themselves and fulfill their dreams. Ever the optimist, Lucie is the mother of two children, whom she dearly loves. She says that she enjoys the time she spends with them in the kitchen, which along with her living room is her favorite room in her house.

A Book You Can Read in One Sitting 

As an author, Lucie began to publish stories on her blog in which her readers could immediately recognize themselves. They became a big hit. Lucie was so successful that she decided to fulfill her own dream and published a book entitled Nedovol mi zmizet (Don’t Let Me Disappear) in 2020. This sensitive novel for women describes the life of a wife and mother, Rebecca, who is over 30. It shows how life is never as easy, or as perfect, as we think. At the beginning of 2022 a sequel was in the works under the name Dovol mi zůstat (Let Me Stay), in which Rebecca is forced to deal with some difficult emotional situations whose resolution doesn’t depend on her alone.    

The Airy Atmosphere of a Kitchen That Is Open to the Living Room

Lucie’s favorite room is her kitchen and living room. No wonder. Her cleverly arranged, comfortable kitchen and bar opens onto her living room and together they create a cozy home. This is where Lucie spends her time with her family, relaxes, and shares a meal. When she was planning to remodel her home she tried to combine her own ideas with inspiration that she found on Pinterest. “I had a rough idea in my head about what I wanted my kitchen to look like and I tried to pull it all together. But I have to say that even two years later it’s still a work in progress. I’m missing some shelves and I am coming to realize that I need more cabinets,” Lucie admits.

Tips and Tricks for Reconstruction 

Lucie tries to help others and be an inspiration, so we wanted to hear from her what advice she has for people who want to get started on a reconstruction project. She says that her first step was pulling out her old kitchen so that she could give the room a new coat. “Unfortunately, we were still living in the space when we began renovating it, and we had to move out for a month while we redid the kitchen from the ground up: new wiring, plaster, flooring, just about everything.” She would recommend that others in her place steel their nerves and maintain a financial reserve. “I counsel patience. Our reconstruction project lasted, I think, about two weeks and we spent more weeks waiting for them to add the finishing touches. You just have to be prepared for it. That, and also to calculate all the expenses out and then expect that the price will end up being a bit higher still.” 

As add-ons for the kids, she recommends steps so that they can get into the higher cabinets, reach the kitchen counter, and help with the cooking. No one will be surprised that Lucie loves to cook, and often. She most often prepares pasta in all its variations.

A Stone Countertop with TechniStone® 

Lucie chose TechniStone® mainly because of its unique design, which seems to suit her perfectly. She chose her favorite white, veined design, Mystery White, from the Serenity Collection.  “I really like how luxurious Technistone’s countertops look. They’re a distinctive, dominant piece in the interior, yet they complement it very naturally. Why Mystery White in particular? I saw that design in a foreign blogger’s post and felt that it was exactly what suited me best.” 

The Pros and Cons of Engineered Stone in the Kitchen 

Lucie is completely happy with TechniStone® material; she wouldn’t trade it for anything. If she were remodeling the kitchen again, she might change the faceting on it and opt for rounded edges. TechniStone® has worked out very well for her in her interior. “The pros are definitely the look of the material and the ease of cleaning it. In all this time, I haven’t really found anything that bothers me about the countertop. But I try to take good care of it, that’s true. I don’t chop things up on it, and if something colorful drips on it, like coffee, I wipe it right off.” She has perhaps found one negative, which in her words is minor and insignificant. “Sometimes when the sun shines on it I see smudges.😁So I haven’t really found a negative yet,” says this lover of good coffee and good moods. 

Lucie’s Favorite Decorations and Colors 

We’ve noticed that Lucie likes tasteful combinations with pink, whether it’s on her sofa, her accessories, or even her frying pan. Look closely and you will notice a sugared macaron in the picture.😊 Lucie makes no secret of her love for pink. “Pink is my favorite color. But I try to break it up with white, gold, and cream. My husband seems to have gotten used to it.” The combination of pink with white and gold is rather delicate, but it doesn’t necessarily have to feel too “girly.” Lucie’s kitchen, which you can see in our gallery, proves it.