Influencer Viktoria Askerow Thinks About Every Detail

Behind the popular Instagram profile tthese_beautiful_thingss there’s a very inspirational woman, Viktoria Askerow, who is the mother of four children. This German influencer loves interior design and it’s the main theme of her work on social media. Viktoria spends much of her time in her kitchen, so she’s in a great position to tell us how she feels about the countertops in it, which are made with engineered stone from Technistone.

It All Started in Her Childhood

Viktoria discovered the creative side of her personality very early in life. “Interior design has been part of my life since I was a child, but it really took off with the apartment in which we are now living.” She adds that she now manages her time so that she can devote herself to interior design intensively and in depth. Her passion for interior design now infuses all her Instagram content.

Interior Decoration Plays an Important Role in Her Life

We asked the inspiring influencer what kind of design she likes most. “I love to mix a calm and simple Japandi style with an elegant vintage French style.” She likes to add beautiful antique pieces to her home as well. By combining new and old items she’s able to achieve something really special. The little decorative touches give all her interiors a personal charm.

An Unorthodox Approach is Viktoria’s Signature

Viktoria revealed to us her sources of inspiration and whether she lets herself be guided by the new trends in interior design. “Things usually happen spontaneously when I sit down to design a project.” She finds creative ideas in hotels and magazines. The favorite designer pieces she owns are a small glass table from Mass Productions and her Series 7 and CH23 chairs, produced by Fritz and Carl Hansen.

TechniStone® is Easy to Maintain

As a young mother, Viktoria uses her kitchen every day. That’s why she was very picky about quality when she made the design choices for it. Natural stone was an option, but after considering it, the practical qualities of engineered stone won her over. “I wanted natural stone, but I quickly realized that it would be too delicate to put into our kitchen. Engineered stone is far more durable and easy to maintain.” With time, how happy is Viktoria with her choice? “I often look at my kitchen with amazement. The workmanship of the fabricated stone is very high quality. I like our sink the most. It was made with TechniStone® too.” Above all, Viktoria values how easy it is to care for her countertops, which require nothing more than an ordinary cleaner and water to maintain.

Her New Kitchen Shines Brightly

Viktoria chose TechniStone® in the Noble Arco design for her new kitchen. “I’m really glad I chose that design because it has a classic, reserved look, but isn’t boring.” The stonemasons at Naturestein Jäschke measured everything and did the fabrication work. “When everything was done and the countertop was installed, my new kitchen shone with a bright new light.” Viktoria adds that the time she spent waiting for her dream kitchen was definitely worth it.