The Unpredictable Contemporary Style of Francesco Ambrosino

Italian architect Francesco Ambrosino founded his studio, Francesco Ambrosino Architetto, which focuses on architecture and interior design, in 2014. What is the source of his endless inspiration for his unique projects and what things help him to relax? Let’s take a look at how his Mediterranean home influences his work.

New Projects Spring from a Strong Bond of Trust with the Clients

With every project, Francesco takes a keen interest in the flow of construction work from the moment demolition begins. That’s why he involves himself in each project from the very start and welcomes his clients to visit the worksite whenever possible. His first steps are taken well before construction begins. They include observing the site and its character and understanding the client’s vision and above all else, his or her idea of the architect’s role. “Once an authentic meeting of the minds has been established between us, I start putting my initial ideas on paper. I then transform them into carefully executed renderings, in which materials and textures must harmonize to achieve the best possible result.”

His goal is for the customer to be able to physically touch the materials they see in the renderings. For this reason, he prepares moodboards that include all the finishes used in his designs.

A sales counter in the Crystal Calacatta Silva decor

Being an Architect is a Calling for Francesco

The island of Ischia, where Francesco was born, provides him with endless inspiration. “I’m inspired by the richness of life in a beautiful and unique place in the world, the island of Ischia. It’s rich in history, art, and tradition and offers views of unique Mediterranean architecture.” Francesco adds that living in such a place creates an inseparable relationship between him and the architecture that surrounds him. He also seeks new ideas and inspiration in traveling and in his interactions with

colleagues from other countries. “My works are born from the interplay of feelings. Every place creates a different feeling and each feeling creates a vision.”

Francesco says he relaxes best at the beach, which is a five-minute walk from his home. In his free time, he likes to spend time with his family ­— his wife and two children, with whom he travels and discovers new places.

A bar topped with TechniStone® in the Crystal Calacatta Silva decor

Technistone has Become Indispensible

Francesco started working with TechniStone® countertops in 2016. Over time, he’s come to love them so much that they’ve become an essential part of all his projects. “The customer’s requirement in 2016 was to have an open-plan kitchen with a durable, non-absorbent, and attractive countertop! I found Technistone’s quartz countertops when I searched for materials with those properties. From that point on, after observing the technical, mechanical, and chemical qualities of engineered stone year after year, my confidence in TechniStone® has only grown.”

As an architect, what Francesco likes most about engineered stone is the quality of its detail and its practical features. He most often uses slabs with a subtle pattern, like Crystal Calacatta Silva, Crystal Absolute White, and Noble Areti Bianco. For future projects, he’s planning to incorporate darker designs with grey and black accents.