Cool Breeze from the North: Why Everyone Loves a Scandinavian-Style Kitchen

The Scandinavian, Nordic, or Scandi style is one of the most popular types of modern interior design and has dominated the design field for many years.  It’s no wonder, because the Scandinavian style is a sure thing. It’s the perfect combination of clean lines, simplicity and functionality, all of which harmonise to create a warm, positive atmosphere. 

This combination of beauty and functionality is ideal for kitchens, which are the heart of every home. The proof can be found in the work of any number of kitchen design studios, where many different kinds of Scandinavian kitchens are being created. 

But where did the Scandinavian style come from, what are its benefits, and why is it so popular in the kitchen?  Let’s look at it in all its glory and answer those questions together. We’ve got some tips, tricks, and useful information to inspire you and let your imagination run wild. We’re sure you’ll love Scandinavian kitchens!

Scandinavian Kitchens from the Scandinavian Countries

The Scandinavian style is based on the traditions of craftsmanship of the Scandinavian countries. It is typical of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. The term is generally used to refer to a look that is a reflection of the region’s architecture and interior design. Some of its features may vary from country to country, but in the main they are all of a piece. What exactly are we talking about?    

Characteristics of a Scandinavian Kitchen

The charm of the Scandinavian style arises mainly from its combination of simplicity, freshness, and practicality with nature. For that reason, the style is dominated by shades of white combined with wooden elements, and occasionally glass. Its characteristics can be summed up as follows. 

In a Scandinavian Kitchen, White Plays the Major Role

In a Scandinavian kitchen, you simply never go wrong with white, whether you opt for a bright white, an ivory, or a creamy tone. You’ll find all shades of the colour in the North and it’s up to you which one you choose. Visually, white rooms appear brighter and larger, and they offer a welcoming atmosphere. Plus, you can use white almost anywhere: in flooring, furniture, accessories, walls — the only limit is your imagination. 

Good Lighting is Essential in a Scandinavian Kitchen 

Northerners suffer from a lack of warmth and light, and so they pay attention to proper, quality lighting. That normally means not only investing in big windows and banning clutter from precious interior space, but also installing stylish chandeliers, lamps, and other light fixtures. And once again, we can’t forget about using white, which amplifies the available light. 

An Emphasis on Airiness and Lack of Clutter in a Scandinavian Kitchen 

Sufficient light, white colours, and uncluttered space are the key elements of the Scandinavian style, which can be summed up in the phrase, ‘less is sometimes more’. That motto should be kept in mind as you equip a Scandinavian-style kitchen. Put everything away and create empty space. You can add things over time if you find you truly need them.  

Natural Materials in Every Scandinavian Kitchen 

The Scandinavian style and Scandinavian kitchens are closely linked to nature, so they rely heavily on natural materials. House plants play an important part, not only as inspiration, but also as decoration, which can include materials like bark, moss, and tree branches. Don’t forget about paper, with which you can create lovely lamps and lighting, and textiles as well. More about that in the paragraphs below. 

A Scandinavian Kitchen Needs Wood 

It’s important to use natural materials in a Scandinavian kitchen, but the one material you absolutely can’t do without is wood in any colour or tint. You can hardly find any Scandinavian kitchen without wooden furniture, decorations, flooring, windows, or other accessories.

The Colours and Materials that Suit a Scandinavian Kitchen

The Scandinavian style relies on a muted palette of colours. Besides white, choose colours inspired by nature. The most popular of these are beige and brown hues, which remind one of rattan or pampas grass. Plants play a very important role in the Nordic interior as both inspiration and decoration. The choice of warm natural colours serves to emphasise the cosiness of the interior. We definitely can’t forget the combination of white with dark grey, against which a kitchen’s accessories stand out beautifully. Stone and clear or milky glass also go extremely well with the Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian Style Suits Every Kitchen

One of the top advantages of a Scandinavian kitchen is the fact that it can be fitted into almost any interior space. Seriously, it will look good just about anywhere. The combination of white and wood tones, metallic accents, and textiles in a relatively open, but comfortable, space will suit a kitchen of any size. It will look great in a tiny kitchenette, in a classic kitchen with average dimensions, in a kitchen with an island or a bar, and in a large kitchen with ample space for dining or relaxing. It’s the right choice for a straight-line countertop and cupboards, an L-shaped arrangement, or a kitchen with an island. Always in style, whenever, wherever. 

A Timeless, Modern Scandinavian Kitchen

One of the best things about a Scandinavian kitchen is its timelessness. When you go for a Scandinavian design, you can be sure that your kitchen will never lose its appeal and will look modern for many generations. Simplicity and clean, straight lines, together with stylish furniture and accessories and close attention to precision craftsmanship never go out of style. The Scandinavian style goes hand in hand with effective use of available space. No one would ever want to give up a kitchen like that. 

An Emphasis on Practicality and Functionality in a Scandinavian Kitchen 

A kitchen should always be practical and functional, but at the same time, it should also make you feel at home and cosy. A minimalist approach is the essence of the Scandinavian style, combining simplicity and functionality with natural beauty. In order to make your kitchen as practical as possible, Scandinavian style takes care in the practical placement of cabinets, cupboards, and other work surfaces, and all kitchen appliances. You should choose furniture with extra storage space and follow the motto that less is sometimes more. Not everything has to be visible all the time.

An Inexhaustible Number of Combinations in a Scandinavian Kitchen

The Nordic style suits every kitchen and can be combined with other styles. It looks great in combination with a traditional rustic, artisan-inspired style, or a Japanese Zen, classic industrial, or luxury glam motif. Scandi offers a really diverse range of materials to work with. As we wrote above, it combines well with wood, metal, and stone, but also with other modern materials. A single piece of furniture or another decoration can really stand out. Don’t be afraid of combining wood and metal. Plus, you don’t have to stick strictly to just white and light shades. You can go for a few metallic accessories in anthracite or black; for example, a faucet or even a whole sink can look great.

The Calm Atmosphere of a Scandinavian Kitchen

Textiles play a large, albeit supporting role in furnishing a Scandinavian kitchen. They add to the cosiness, comfort and tranquillity of an interior. We are mostly talking about textiles made from natural fibres such as linen, wool, or cotton. You can use them in curtains and carpets, and for upholstering chairs, benches, and cushions in the dining area. In addition to textiles, you can also bring in leather or wood accents. Candles, candle holders, and greenery add to the pleasant atmosphere.  

A Luxurious Scandinavian Kitchen with Engineered Stone

The Nordic style is deeply connected to nature, which is reflected in how it uses materials. Marble, stone, and hardened stone are very popular in addition to wood. The advantage of hardened stone is its special surface treatment, which makes the stone very resistant to mechanical and chemical wear and tear and easy to clean. In addition, you can choose from many matte and glossy shades and different design collections. For example, Technistone’s snow-white Crystal Absolute White or the marble-like Mystery White look great in a Scandinavian kitchen. 

Inspiration for Your Scandinavian Kitchen

Are you thinking of renovating? Do you want to get a Scandinavian kitchen where you will want to spend all your free time and cooking will be easy? Do you too like the cool breeze from the North? If you’re looking for a unique Scandinavian-style kitchen, you can get inspiration from Lucie Hovorková, who has created a Scandinavian kingdom for herself in her home, or Finnish designer Jutta Tanninen, who loves minimalism and practicality.