Kateřina Jašková’s Untraditional but Comfortable Kitchen

Mother, wife, and passionate foodblogger Kateřina Jašková lets us peek over the border into her culinary realm, She reveals to us what she wants from her kitchen and the meals she loves to cook there.

For Kateřina, the Kitchen is the Heart of Her Home

As a well-known blogger, Kateřina doesn’t just share stories from her kitchen, but also from every facet of her life. She’s felt right at home in the kitchen since she was a child. Now she’s eager to pass her passion for cooking on to her daughters, the same way her grandmothers shared their culinary secrets with her when she was a little girl helping them in the kitchen. “What we eat as a family is important to me, so I try to prepare as much as I can myself. I often bake sourdough bread or something sweet. And 80 percent of the time we eat a hot meal, so my evenings in the kitchen are always busy ones. 😊 The kitchen is probably the most important part of the house for me, because that’s where the whole family sits down together and shares the events of the day over something good to eat. I like to involve my daughters in the cooking, so we spend even more time together in the kitchen as well. As a foodblogger, I do a lot of my work in the kitchen, testing new recipes for my blog or for my clients.” Kateřina’s sophisticated palate enjoys Mediterranean cuisine the most — you will always find fish, pasta, cheeses, and high-quality olive oil in her kitchen. 

An Airy and Practical Kitchen 

One thing Kateřina’s new kitchen definitely had to have was oak shelving instead of cabinets on the wall. A practical and durable material for the kitchen countertop was another absolute requirement. Her choice fell on engineered stone from Technistone in the Noble Arco design. “I like Noble Arco. It’s a captivating design that won’t ever get old, because it truly is timeless,” adds Kateřina. 

Engineered stone is a versatile material that is suitable for more than just the kitchen. Kateřina knows that well. “The choice came down to the Noble Areti Bianco design or Noble Arco. I liked Crystal Calacatta Silva a lot too, but I was afraid that it wouldn’t fit into our kitchen as well as the other two. We also used TechniStone® under the washbasin in our bathroom and on the windowsills where we needed a subtle pattern.”

Installation was Easy Thanks to Good Planning

For everyday work in a kitchen, where one spends most of the day, it’s important to pay attention to the smallest detail of the installation. Kateřina went with a sure thing and chose the Bruno Paul stonework studio, which did the job to perfection. “Communication with Bruno Paul and their approach to the job were outstanding. After we agreed on a price, they came and did the measurements. The man they sent was very helpful. He answered all our questions about the installation. We went over every detail and agreed on everything. Based on that, we approved the production drawings, which were precise down to the millimeter. The installation process went without a hitch and the final result was absolutely perfect,” says Kateřina.

In Conclusion, Some Good Advice

Kateřina is a talented cook, so we naturally asked her for any advice she may have for our readers who are planning on renovating or refurbishing a kitchen. “I would advise that they think about how much they actually use their kitchen every day and exactly what they need to have in it. Some people just use their kitchen for preparing cold meals and brewing tea, but for others it’s a workplace where they spend several hours every week. Everyone will need a different setup in their kitchen. I myself wouldn’t skimp on the countertop material and go for high-quality appliances. That’s a bigger investment of course, but if you take good care of your kitchen, it will practically last you a lifetime.”